Video Production in Sarasota County, FL

It starts as an idea. That idea must then be written down in a way that creates a mental image in the mind of the reader. That mental image is then captured in real life and put together in a way that inspires the original idea within the viewer. It’s a creative cycle, a storytelling form that can share not only ideas, but feelings too. We’re all about making great work at our video production company in Sarasota, FL, and we play well with others because we know it takes a village to make a high-quality, cohesive end product. That is why at 81a, video production consists of many parts that work together to make something whole. We are experienced in each piece of the video production puzzle – developing ideas, writing scripts and copy, producing, creative consulting, sourcing talent, directing, editing, mixing sound, creating sound effects, writing music and lots more. We can do it all, or just something small – so just tell us what you need and we will do our best to make it happen. And if we can’t? We will point you in the right direction. If you’re looking for an expert video production studio near St. Petersburg, Tampa, Venice, Siesta Key, Brandenton, or another city in Western Florida, call us today and let’s get started.